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9.9 - Swamp and Redshire were updated

9.7 Update - OVERLORD map.

9.5 Updates

9.4 Map Update - New Map: Stalingrad



9.3 Map Updates 

pre-9.3 - click to enlarge

Abbey, Airfield, Arctic Region, Cliff, Dragon Ridge, El Halluf, El Halluf - Encounter Battle, Ensk, Ensk - Encounter Battle, Erlenberg, Erlengberg - Assault, Erlenberg - Encounter Battle, Fiery Salient, Fiery Salient - Encounter Batttle, Fisherman's Bay, Fjords, Hidden Village, Highway, Himmelsdorf, Himmelsdorf - Encounter Battle, Karelia, Karelia - Assault, Kharkov, Komarin, Lakeville, Lakeville - Encounter battle, Mines, Mines - Encounter Battle, Mountain Pass, Murovanka, Murovanka - Encounter Battle, Northwest, Pearl River, Prokhorovka, Prokhorovka - Encounter Battle, Province, Redshire, Redshire - Encounter Battle, Ruinberg, Ruinberg - Encounter Battle, Ruinberg on Fire, Ruinberg on Fire - Encounter Battle, Sacred Valley, Sacred Valley - Encounter Battle, Sand River, Sand River - Assault, Sand River - Encounter Battle, Serene Coast, Severogorsk, Siegfried Line, Siegfried Line - Assault, Siegfried Line - Encounter Battle, South Coast, Steppes, Steppes - Encounter Battle, Swamp, Tundra, Westfield, Widepark, Windstorm, Winter Himmelsdorf, Winter Himmelsdorf - Encounter Battle