1.  We have no fear of pain or death.
2.  I am always ready to help.
3.  Get ready before you enter a war.
4.  Give me a little light and I will get you a star.
5.  I have enormous opportunities to satisfy my wishes.
6.  Believe in Victory.  Fight Hardships.  Reach Success.
7.  I will not harm you unless you harm me.
8.  Every cloud has a silver lining
9.  Do it yourself!
10.  Hills at sunset have a color of blood.
11.  Steadfast in the face of death.
12.  Be the best!
13.  The most thrilling experience is a fight with destiny.
14.  We trust noone in life and war
15.  Every action has a reaction
16.  There are still heroes in this age.
17.  Overbear hardships when fighting for victory!
18.  I do not fear those who have no faith.
19.  Serve to people.
20.  Strive for Victory Together
21.  I can stroll all along, with no fear of fierce winds or raging waves.
22.  Learn from comrad Lei Feng!
23.  Knock down imperialism

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